While we hope to raise a great deal of awareness about the plight of those experiencing homelessness in Lake County, we also hope to raise some money to support those that are experiencing it.  Here’s a few tips on what you can do to raise funds for those people...

  • Decide on your personal and/or team fundraising goals and promote those goals in all of your solicitations.  Then, make a list of everyone you know. Include your doctor, hair stylist, fitness instructor, etc. -You will be surprised at who will give if you only ask!
  • Identify the most effective approach for each of your potential donors and go for it. Don’t limit yourself to only one way to reach out to your contacts. Some may be more responsive to a printed letter than an email request.
  • Direct people to your team at  People can give to your team just by clicking “Donate to a Sleeper” and making a donation right there!.  We’ll regularly update a leaderboard on that website.
  • Adapt your online appeal to a written letter, so that you can send your request to those who prefer snail mail. You can also keep letters and flyers in your backpack, briefcase, or purse to hand out spontaneously.
  • Students, ask your parents and other relatives to forward your online fundraising page link to their list of contacts and/or take the pledge form/envelope to their workplace. Write a brief paragraph about your participation in the SleepOut and why it is important to help the homeless. You can also canvas your neighborhood for donations.
  • Ask for individuals to make a donation to your efforts instead of giving you a holiday or birthday gift.
  • Use a talent or something you love to do and turn it into a fundraiser. Do you sing or play in a band? Hold a charity performance! Are you a great chef? Host a special fundraising dinner! The possibilities are endless!
  • Hold a fundraising event, such as a bake sale, car wash, movie night, bowl-a-thon, or dress-down day at school or work.
  • SAY THANK YOU! Following the SleepOut, take the time to write personal thank you notes to your donors to express your appreciation for their support this year